We can scatter the cremated remains of your loved one in any area where it is legal to do so (NOTE THIS SERVICE IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. PERMITS CURRENTLY BEING OBTAINED FROM CIVIL AVIATION SAFETY AUTHORITY)


Our un-witnessed ash scattering service is completed within 60 days of receipt of the cremated remains and is done on a date and time of our choosing.

You will be notified of the scheduled date of this un-witnessed ash scattering service. It includes an invitation to the airport. This allows family and friends to gather at the airport with flowers and/or flower petals to be scattered along with the ashes. You can bring flowers or other items that you would like to have us scattering (certain restrictions apply).

Price includes filling of all necessary paperwork and obtaining all permits.

More than one scattering may take place on this flight, however, each scattering is performed discretely and individually.


Our most popular service. This service allows loved ones to witness the scattering from the ground.

The witnessed ash scattering service is scheduled at a date and time of your choosing and allows for an unlimited number of friends and family to gather at the location in which the witnessed ash scattering will occur.

This service creates a beautiful, lasting memory that brings closure with dignity and grace. All will view as the cremated remains are released into the air. They make an elegant trail behind the airplane. They sit on a cushion of air and then disappear. This flight can be coordinated to a place with a memorial service on the ground. 


Your pets are like family members, and we understand their importance to you. Our service for the scattering of your pets ashes provides everything you would expect for a family member. We will scatter your pets ashes at the location of your choosing (if permitted by law) and provide you with a certificate to show exactly when and where the remains have been scattered.


Our customers’ satisfaction stems from those moments that make them feel special. Many customers enjoy this service, as it adds a personal touch to their overall experience. Book your appointment today!

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